CTMS - Pilot Check is a software solution to build, schedule, fill in, monitor and analyse pilots’ proficiency check forms, stands as a modern and efficient alternative to paper based documents. The features provided through the Web and iPad applications were closely built with airline training managers and instructors, taking into consideration their day to day tasks, always keeping in mind the goal of reaching trainings best outcomes.

Ensure Effectiveness - Doing the right things

Improve Efficiency - Doing them right

Increase Productivity - Doing more

Using the flexible way of creating forms, you will have all your organization’s needs met, whether you are an airline or a training academy applying EBT, ATQP, AQP or any other methodology.

Web Interface


  • Setup grading system and grading rules
  • Create task groups and tasks
  • Compose check forms, supporting forms and create revisions for existing ones
  • Compile check forms into programs, recurrent and class/type rating


  • Pair an instructor with a trainee and assign a date to conduct checks
  • List due checks and instructors’ availability
  • Export schedules to share with other departments

External Users

  • Fill in and submit check forms, as well as supporting forms
  • Limited access to authorized data only


  • Sign off submitted check forms
  • Track form submission delays
  • Issus and track corrective actions
  • Order remedial training
  • Analyze collective and individual performance
  • Export statistical reports in PDF and Excel formats
  • Generate group and individual notifications


  • Manage users and setup data; fleets and airports
  • Design, with maximum flexibility, the layout of exported check forms, supporting forms and programs to share with aviation authorities or other concerned entities

Comprehensive Dashboard

Powerful Analysis

Web interface technology

iPad Application


  • View schedule for upcoming checks
  • Review previous personal checks summary, by task or check form
  • Sign check forms filled in by the instructor before submitting to management
  • Receive notifications from management


  • View schedule for upcoming checks
  • Review previous trainees’ checks summary, by task or check form
  • Fill in, sign and submit trainees’ checks and supporting forms
  • Receive notifications from management

Check Form Entry

iPad Application technology

Business Packages

CTMS - Pilot Check iis a scalable software platform that responds to the business needs of all types of airlines and aviation training academies.
Having an experience of over 35 years in providing quality software products and services, here at E&M Group we strongly believe in the uniqueness of each business, therefore CTMS is built to satisfy your requirements through adaptive delivery models; On Premises and Software as service (SaaS).

  • On Premises
  • Deployed on customer's servers
  • One time payment per user
  • One year free support included
  • Our support team can provide deployment and setup assistance
  • Can be deployed on broad selection of technologies, whether proprietary or open source
  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Deployed on our servers, with our team taking care of maintenance, backups and all other technical aspects
  • Customer pays per user per year
  • Support is always free
  • Seemless and free upgrades and migration
  • Our support team can provide setup assistance

Whether you choose On Premises or SaaS, both delivery models offers:

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